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renault scenicdynamique dc186e4 car when it starts i can not

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renault scenicdynamique dc186e4 car when it starts i can not move the gear when it is off i can change the gear smoothly what is that

this sounds like an issue with the clutch

if its stuck on then pressing the pedal won't release it and you'll struggle to change gear as you describe

, so even though the hydraulics are fine the plate remains attached to the flywheel.

I'd first try bleeding the hydraulics and if this doesn't help you can try leaving the clutch pedal pressed down overnight with a piece of wood or similar jammed between the pedal and seat base.

If its no different in the morning then you're going to either have to remove the gearbox and prise the plate off manually or get a little brutal with it and start the car with it in gear.

I'd go for the latter as if this doesn't work you'll have to take the box off anyway.

If you do try try to start it in gear then make sure you've got plenty of room for manoeuvres and accelerate hard then try pumping the clutch. It'll probably go free with a bang and might feel a little rough for the next few gearchanges but keep changing gear and it should smooth out
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