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I have a citroen xsara Picasso desire 1.6 HDI 55 reg. It has

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I have a citroen xsara Picasso desire 1.6 HDI 55 reg. It has a hydraulic clutch. Recently broke down. When clutch pedal depressed it stayed down. I could not move it with my foot. I put my hand down and lifted it up. Then tried depressing it again. It stayed down. Came back to the car 6 hours later - everything worked as it should !
A couple of days ago the pedal stayed down but some how freed itself. Worried it will happen again!
Noticed a problem over last month or two when selecting gear - very notchy and had to be forceful to select gear.
Solution please. Thanks.


Normally if there is any loss/or air entering the hydraulic lines/cylinders in regards ***** ***** clutch release system..then this can cause a situation in which its doesnt flully clear the clutch to get into gear smoothly..the obvious areas of concern would be the clutch master cylinder..this is actually attached via a push up in the pedal box and this sends the fluid under pressure to the slave cylinder when the clutch is depressed to operate the release arm to to clear the clutch when the engines both those cylinders have to be checked for wetness/fluid leaks as it possible one them could be leaking down and not holding pressure hence why the pedal falls to the floor..they use the same fluid as the brakes so check the reservior....and inspection of the push rod.attachment to the clutch pedal itself also needs inspected..through experiance with those clutch system and pedal falling to the floor suddenly is normally nine times out of ten down to the clutch master it could be worth replacing that .rebleed the entire system.... I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for that. You have given all the options. I have checked the reservoir and that seems fine. It does not use any fluid as I have not needed to top it up. There have been no signs of leaks under the car which I would notice as it is parked on the drive.

It sounds as though you would change the master cylinder and re bleed the system plus also checking the push rod behind the pedal. As a garage man what would you estimate the cost of this to be ?


The push rods is actually part of the master an inspection of that or its connection to the pedal and the pedal itself within the pedal box...but its certainly worth replacing the cylinders at least rather then just jump right in and condem a fault within the clutch shouldnt be ruled out but best to start off with the obvious first checks wise..the master itself.. could be looking at about £40 - its the time wise that is hard to say really as all garage rate differing hourly costs to everyone else - couple of hours id replace and rebleed..cant really comment on another garages expertise if some have done them before and know the easy ways then it might be a bit cheaper labor time wise and some might not have done and might take a bit longer to do to phone around for the best quote unless you know of a good reasonable garage locally..