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My Jaguar X type estate (2 ltr diesel 2008 manual gearbox)

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My Jaguar X type estate (2 ltr diesel 2008 manual gearbox) car starts squealing loudly only after everything gets hot, i.e. after say 40 miles on the motorway when no braking occurs and then subsequently on any type of road going slower too. It never happens just driving from cold locally at all even after 10 miles of country lanes.
The squealing is quite loud and long, and stops immediately when I either put my foot on the brake or when I go around a right hand bend (when the weight of the vehicle is thrown to the left side).
When driving straight or around a slight left bend the squealing noise continues.
The garage says I will probably need new rear pads and disks but I am concerned that this may not be the problem at all.
Can anyone suggest what else it may be please?
Hello I hope the following assists you.
It's very likely the pads need replacing and the discs if they have become over heated. This is quite common and the brake caliper and park brake cable need to be checked to make sure the park brake is releasing fully.
The problem comes as the park brake sticks causing the brake to bind slightly as the car is driven the brake becomes hotter which causes the brake to stick more this is when the noise occurs. The noise is the brake pad resonating, this becomes amplified by the rear suspension, when you press the brake this stops the pad resonating so the noise disappears.
The main thing is to check the caliper, park brake cable and also the caliper needs to be clean when the new pads are fitted so they don't stick.
I hope this helps but if I can assist further let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
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