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My son is an hour or so away from home and his car has

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My son is an hour or so away from home and his car has suddenly slowed right down. he can't get it to go above 20mph and is worried that it isn't safe to drive. What would cause the car to do this? Is it fixable by him now ? and is it safe to drive home. I have no other information right now as he is trying to contact people to help, and I don't really know much more about the car itself to tell you.


Depends exactly what he means by slowing down..if the engine is un responsive or lags power then there maybe a problem with the engine and thus engine management system may likely have put the car into limp home mode which essentially protects other systems from damage due to what ever fault has occurred....if he means the engine runs fine but there no much forward power/ then it possible there could be a clutch issue "depending if a manual box" or one of the brake has siezed on causing drag and this too can cause a loss in drive too....Its really one these problems that needs a little more info to be certain or a tleast give direction as to whats worng and whether its safe to drive or not..if he has break down cover whether it be RAC , AA , Green flag as such then it could be best to call them out the car rather then risk driving it in the condition you describe..I do hope this helps..if you rerquire to ask anything further then please do before you rate..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


my son has just informed me he has just got home, (not in same house as myself). He says the problem is still there, and as the engine is running okay, it could be one of the other problems you mentioned.

At least he got home safely and it sounds like he may have to get the car checked-out in the morning. If it is one of the problems you mentioned, do you feel it is easily fixed


It would certainly need to be checked out.. - again its hard to say without actually looking at it to be honest to be able to make any judgement on what needs checked out..if for say it a clutch issue..then no thats something that would require a garage to inspect/confirm and replace so to speak.if the engine was way over revving and he wasn't getting much speed out the car so the rpm was higher then the speed out the car itself then that could be a clutch issue....if it brakes again..that something that needs to be checked out and narrowed down to which wheel/brake is causing the partial drag and causing the brake to bind on and slow the vehicle down,normally you can tell by checking if one wheel is hotter or radiating alot of heat than the others then that would be the side or corner to check out at that at the moment.....both of which id say could be expensive if for say its the clutch.....but both of which can be easily diagnosed to be honest..and having it checked out i would say be the best step from here....

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My son took his car to a the Ford garage and they did a diagnostic test and said it could be that the fuel injectors need replacing, they quoted a price of £2000, and said it was because his car is a diesel (Ford Cmax 1.8) MF09FWE. Does this sound about the right amount to do this work and do you know if there is a cheaper way to do this repair, it is a lot of money for what the car cost.


Yes its does sound alot to be honest..but considering its a ford dealer i asume then the price would reflect that sadly..unless you know of good local Ford specialist.or even a diesel specialist who maybe able to look into it further than say it "could" be injectors..quite a expensive guess to be honest....what about the actual fuel filter itself have they tried replacing that..i would find it kind of unusual to see all 4 injectors at fault here..unless there was a issue with delivery to the injectors either failing injection pump or lack of fuel pressure ie: possible blocked fuel might be worth considering getting done at least.4 injectors would be expensive new for diesels as well as removal and refit of those/ plus coding to the it does mount up..thats why it maybe best seeking a local diesel specialist or locally based reputable garage who might get the job done cheaper..