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i have an 1998 ldv its the peurgoet 2.5 ..problem is it

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Hi i have an 1998 ldv its the peurgoet 2.5 ..problem is it wissels when driving allong i looked under the hood and there is black misting round the top of the manifold there is a hole in the exhust or the turbo unit ...also i think the diff is on its way out it worth reapearing thes isuues .or is the van to old ..the body is in fair condition.had weding done here and there.its been well looked after..and has been very reliable..when i drive it and get to 40 then stop excelerating you can here this grounching sound coming from the rear axle...are these problems easy fixes .or is it going to cost me.


As long as its not oil misting and just soot or carbon build up its possible it could be just the inlet or exhaust manifold or failed gasket - as they are both on the same side of the engine..the turbo is further under neath..there also a short rubber hose that connects the turbo to the inlet manifold..check that hasnt ruptured..check for any blowing around there aswell as the down pipe connection to the turbo unit....should be quite easy to spot any blowing or exhaust gases escaping.. check oil condition too as low or oil that hasnt been changed in a long while can effect the turbo.. as for the rear axle..if you can get complete unit then it might be worth persuing..or you can just swap out the diff gear set if the axles are exactly the same...rather then the whole regards ***** ***** repairing..both items are easily fixable if the parts can be found..these convoys the earlier 400 series which both are the same base van bar the some changes to body work on the convoy are getting pretty few and far between...if the body is in good condition the mileage isnt high and gets through mot's ok and those two issues are all thats my opinion it might be worth could also be best phoning around for a better quote on the axle replacement though and the exhaust issue that would need investigated..I do hope this helps

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