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there, got 2 problems with our Suzuki Alto 1.1 GL 2005

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Hello there, got 2 problems with our Suzuki Alto 1.1 GL 2005 plate.
First is when the engine is idling, in neutral, and you have the clutch pedal fully depressed there is no noise and all is fine. But when you let the clutch pedal out to engage there is a whining noise which will become louder as you increase the engine revs!
Second when you drive over bad road surfaces or even normal flat ones, the suspension seems to magnify the slightest knock and the vibration goes through the dashboard and body work really with great shock.
Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Regards ***** ***** REID.


In regards ***** ***** first issue - if the noise only crops up under the clutch fully up but not depressed..means the bearing on the gearbox input shaft or the release bearing either way to rectify that would require gearbox removal and no doubt clutch assembly and the input bearing replacement....The second all honesty its hard to say without actually getting the suspension checked for wear..the noise or knocking over rough or mildly rough surfaces would mean an issue on the suspension either a failed or worn suspension bushing, top mount bearing / worn antiroll bar links / shock absorber failure noticable by wet oil substance around the ram/sleave and can cause this issue there is quite a few areas that need inpected on the front suspension before anything is replaced..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Robert, Thanks for your answers. Just to let you know the car has recently passed it's MOT and I did mention about the shock absorbers to the mechanic. He told me he could not find anything wrong with the shocks or the suspension, strange is it not! I will have to check it all out and I intend to fit a new clutch and thrust bearing as the car has now done 60k miles. Regards ***** ***** REID.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Yeah it does sound a little strange but alot of mot tester differ opinions,so some might not pick up on an issue when others would - what are the tyres psi like on the front..might be worth taking a look there and ensure the tyres arent too over inflated. - apart from that it could be something to get checked again especially so the shocks id say..if you lift the dust boot on the shock inside the front springs check for any oil residue - if there is then the shocks faulty/leaking... As far as the clutch goes then sadly in regard to the issue with the clutch thats about the only forward to have it replaced..

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