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difficulty starting 2.ltrhdi dispatch 04reg whenstarting it

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difficulty starting 2.ltrhdi dispatch 04reg whenstarting it smokes a lot.. has had new injectors and head casket..

Hi..there apologies for the delay..

What colour is the smoke?

Does this happen on only cold starting or hot starting too?

What was the reason for the headgasket replacement?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Robert

it only does it when cold

smoke is grey in colour and a light blue on acceleration for about 100yards

reason for repair, cam belt came off after belt tension bearing broke.

Replaced cam followers and links, ran fine for 2 months approx

then water system started to pressure,engine still fine. on investigation

head gasket found to be faulty, since then had trouble starting

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

Normally grey is excess fuel and blue is oil...have they ensured the compressions are ok or within spec...i note you mention the followers being replaced ..but nothing about the valves?..just to be sure the valves are sealing properly and havent actually suffered damage too,if the followers where smashed or bent then its the piston against the valve that cause that..this could cause issue with the valve stems seals and thus the blue smoke due to oil getting into or dragged into the cylinders...if valves arent sealing then you get low compression thus the grey smoke,unburnt diesel smell..could be worth checking out..and see if all 4 cylinders are fine compression wise...have they ensured the fuel system is sealed..and air that seeps in can cause a drop i fuel pressure when the vehicles left over a period of time and thus you get the bad starting on a cold engine..alot of these hdi's have transparent fuel lines so you can see if there is alot air bubbles running through the lines if so then that needs to be investigated as HDI's are sensitive to fuel pressure..usually in which system pressure has to be monitored using the the proper diagnostic machine to monitor live data parameters of injector pump or fuel supply pressure to check for under performing High pressure pump on say check the fuel system lines fitting the fuel filter fitting.return spill pipes for leaks..compression test to further verfiy the compression reading are ok or are equal across the 4 cylinders...

Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Robert

valves and seals have been done seated.

will have to get fuel and lines tested