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I got my clutch replaced, and now im having problems getting

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I got my clutch replaced, and now im having problems getting it in gears , I can get gears sometimes .I can get first third fifth . I get second fourth and reverse sometimes . I went back to the people who done the clutch and they said the I need to replace the gear linkage . but I don't think I do theres something they haven't done and I carnt think what .the car was fine going in gear before I took it to them the only problem I had was the clutch was hi and it did need doing . can you please give me any advice whitch I can use if I go back to see them . I am not happy at all with the garage . I paid £180 for clutch . can you adjust the cables. my son thinks there may be air in the system


Do you get all gears with the engine off ok or is there still some effort to get gears?

How does the clutch feel at the moment or where roughly is the biting point etc?

I note you say £180?? - thats for the whole job? where did they get the clutch assembly from?

Can you supply the full VIN "vehicle identification number" number?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I can get all gears with engine off , I'm not shore were they got the clutch From but the place I took the car they are a clutch and not garage .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I get all gears with engine off the Cluch feels good the bit is not hi it's round about the Middle
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can get all gears with engine off with out any difficulty, the clutch feels good the bite is around the middle ,

Hi there..

Ok.. if you can get all gears with the engine off then it doesnt mean the cables are the problem..if they where then normally you would have the same issue both engine on and off.. as you have 2 cables on that car one cable does one side of the gate the other cable does the other .. so a bit like one cable does say 1,3,5 / the other cable does 2 4 reverse.. so normally if you have a problem with a certain group of gears then the cable that controls that needs checked especially so the ends/for damage that attach the selector mechanisim on the gearbox as they would of been removed to get the gearbox to replace the clutch... but if it more difficult with engine on..then id say the first area to check is for proper bleeding of the clutch hydraulic release..if its not clearing properly with the engine running then you can get that issue as you describe because the gearbox is still getting some/partical drive from the id say get them to rebleed the clutch again until they are 100% sure the lines clear of air..if they bleed that clutch again and air's found in the line then thats your problem..and if it continues to get air - then they need to investigate why..epsecially the fittings to slave cylinder... As far as adjusting these cables..the answer is no..the cables are measured to a specific length,from the gearstick housing to the gearbox selector mechnisim on the gearbox..the only time they would adjust is if they stretch due to age..and again thats when you get the gear slection problems..but added to that ensure they have mounted the cables properly too..when they refitted everything back....but as above id go with your idea of bleeding the clutch again and see if that helps..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please continue before you rate

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