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Water is coming into the footwell of my ten year old volks

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water is coming into the footwell of my ten year old volks wagen golf . how do I fix it


Does the car have a sunroof or has the windscreen been replaced at any point?

Which side does it seem to come in?

And it is rain water that coming in? and not coolant?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It aaaaaaappears to be rain water coming in . The car is anormal saloon. It does not appear to lose any coolant. I am not very mechanically minded.

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

ok..first place to ideally check here - would the plenum drain this is the area directly below the windscreen the plastic panel that runs across the back of the engine bay and under the wiper arms..if you have air conditioning then you will have a pollen filter - remove the rubber strip along the back - and then locate the pollen filter hatch panel its normally held with 4 philips screws..remove that panel and have a look down into the plenum drain area..if its soaking wet or rain water is appearing to be pooling in there..then thats your problem - and you need to clear the drain ports out - to that,normally to ensure the plenum is have to remove the wipers arms/then the complete plastic panel along the back and that will give a better area to check for drain holes - corrosion espeically around wiring looms/bonnet release grommets that go thorugh the firewall into the car - to clear the drains you need something long like,long reach screwdriver an old metal coat hanger so you have something long to poke down into the drain tubes/holes to clear them out..and that should drain off the water in there and then everything can be put back - so thats one obvious area to check out - the next step is to do a water test..this can help pin point or help in regards ***** ***** area the waters getting in - do do that close the doors and then have somebody outside the car with garden hose or watering can - go over the top of the car while your inside carefully observe exactly the point of entry the water is coming in..thats one option to track and trace this down - then that will be one of things to try as above - Check and inspect the rubber door seal strips so you would need to carefully check both on both doors and rear on the side of the car and see if you can spot any small tears or damage especially around the top edge where the roof or where the door meets aswell as along the bottom / also too check the both doors drain holes and rear doors - are fully clear they are located under the door along the edge with thin flat head screwdriver just poke up in there and ensure they are clear / another likely cause could be door membrane is leaking. this is like a sheet plastic liner bonded behind the door panel, doors will always have some rain water run inside them getting in via the rubber seal around the glass and should drain away via the drain holes at the bottom of the door, if this membrane or sealant fails or has been damaged due to previous repair then water can come through in to the car from behind the interior door as above the plenum would need to be checked..if its wet or water polling in there then thats your area to investigate then check all doors seals and windscreen seals - then the water test to try and pin down exactly the point at which the waters coming in.sadly with alot of water ingress problems they can take a while to track down leading to having to remove interior panels/carpets etc..but as above those area the places to check out..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate....

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