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I find that it takes ages to fill my Matiz with fuel. The pumps

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I find that it takes ages to fill my Matiz with fuel. The pumps keep cutting out. I have tried placing the pump in all sorts of positions with no improvement. I wonder if the diameter of the filler pipe is too small to allow the air to escape when the fuel goes in.


There are "some" pumps out there that can be over sensitive in such case like you have and thus simply cut out,however if this happens with other filling pumps too then you can rule that out being a possibility - if your sure there is no possible restriction in the filler neck some anti syphon device faulty..normally take a look down the filler neck itself with an LED torch to see if can see any thing or issue there..normally a bore scope is quite good for such things to check that... then its likely whats ahppening is you have issue with the tank vent system -there is normally a small vent tube on the filler neck itself and this helps vapour escape whislt the tanks being filled.the vent tube will go from the filler neck quite near the top to the top of the tank itself..and if the vent system is faulty then you can get a back up of fuel like you do..Because you would be working with say it would be least safer to leave this with a reputable garage to check out in regards ***** ***** filler neck for restrictions-tank vent system,evap would need to be checked to help solve this problem..either way thats normallt the two areas that can cause this...I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks, ***** ***** I suspected

Hi..there.... No problem.Glad to help. like i say it can be either of two..normally it can just be a breather issue..but once they have ensured the filler neck is clear then the breather would be next port of call.....

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