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I have a 2008, automatic, Citroen Grand Picasso and

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I have a 2008, automatic, Citroen Grand Picasso and last week its started to make loud whirring (struggling) noises when its was ndoing the gear change. I managed to get it home however when I stopped there was a burning smell coming from under the bonnet.
Does anyone know what this could be? I have warranty on the car of up to £1000. Is it best to take to a main dealer or is it a problem that any mechanic could fix?
Many thanks

Hi..there apologies for the delay...

Was there any wanring lights come up on the dash when this occured?

Any leaks under the car - seen prior or after this happened?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No warning lights or leaks

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

The best area to check ideally would be the gearbox oil level or the condition so to speak - if the oils low or the oil is badly burnt - normally you can tell the condition once its been drained etc..if the oil smells burnt..then sadly its means theres internal troubles in the gearbox itself and this would likely require replacement unless rebuild costs are somewhat cheaper which in most cases if gear change is an issue and the said noise is indeed whislt gears are moving up or down - then that would be the best place to start id say - In regards ***** ***** ever does this job..obviously the dealer would be the best way forward but would be alot dearer in regards ***** ***** i would imagine any good well equiped garage lecally should be able to carry out the same job just as good and may slightly cheaper..You could of course try this website here - and see if there anyone local to your under that...but as above the gearbox/oil condition/level would be the best place to start..i do hope this helps

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