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Honda accord 1996 engine kept just cutting out [dead]while

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honda accord 1996 engine kept just cutting out [dead]while driving .put it into a garage who fitted an electronic distributer 2 days later the same thing cuts out but after 15 mins starts again .finally what ever the fault is has packed up altogether ,now a non starter .i have noticed thougfh when i now turn the ignition on do not hear the about 10 second norise of the fuel being primed ????


Firstly you need to check you still have can gat a spark tester and test each ht lead starting at number 1 pull from the spark and then a fit a spark tester in place into the end of the HT lead turn the car over and have someone see if it still has spark..or you can hold the ht end close a good earth on the engine and see if the spark need to be carefull with that due to shocks from the igntion system so a spark tester would be the best way forward..if you do have spark..then you need to check that the engines getting fuel..normally on the injection rail there is pressure port you need a fuel pressure guage to se if there is enough fuel pressure or fuel even getting to the engine - one to quickly check is to spray carb cleaner/easy start up into the intake tube.. if the engine fires on that then that sure sign your not getting fuel upto the engine and would either be a combination of either fuel pump / fuse blown/relays bad..i recall under the dash or below the steering wheel looks like a grey relay/brown base where it plugged need to inspect the owners manual in regards ***** ***** fuse you need to check..if its intact..then you need to get access to the fuel pump itself..normally you should be able to get access via removing the back seat base section..and then under there inspect for a hatch on the floor and remove and should give acess to check for power reaching the the pump itself when the ignition is turned..or you can lightly tap the top of the fuel pump to see if that shocks it into life - if it does then you know the pumps likely at fault..

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