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Matt, just checking new battery Ignis. It didn't charge up after a bu

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Hi Matt, just checking for a new battery for my Ignis. It didn't charge up after a bump start his morning (20 miles drive) and power steering has gone, and electric windows whine and struggle, It s


Hopefully i can help..

How did you go about checking the alternator?

How old is the battery on the car? have you ensured the terminals are clear of corrosion and tight....?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi,. I had to call out Green Flag. The mechanic tested the alternator and said it was reading 15 (amps?) on idling motor. He tested terminals and said these were sound & no sign of corrosion. He checked around other connections and said these were good. I've had the car from second hand 4 years ago. I've no idea if the battery is the original from 2002 or more recent.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Normally you should have 14.5v at idle across the battery and also to from the output terminal at the back of the alternator..normally alternators on these cars rated current of 70-75amps.... from your description of events its does sound like the alternator isnt actually charging..this is what actually cuts out your power steering as the steering being electronic on these cars using a electric motor on the column to help with steering assist and relys on constant 12v+ supply to operate..if its see a low voltage condition is basically cuts the power as above to me and going by your description id say the alternator is at fault..but have it properly tested all the same..also check the condition of the belt too to ensure is not too loose...I do hope this helps

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