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Ive got a citreon DS3 with annoying sqeak everytime I go over

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ive got a citreon DS3 with annoying sqeak everytime I go over bump I booked it in at citreon to be told it is the back seats .but its coming from drivers side have had bush on the front strut replaced to no avail if I go out on wet roads sqeaks gone.HELP.


If the noise stops when its wet normally means that you no doubt have corrosion/dry bushing/balljoint on the either the lower control arm or the antiroll itself either the drop link or the roll bar bushings.and as a result the water/moisture quietens it down .so they need to properly inspect those areas on that side for defects,partial seizure,corrosion in regards ***** ***** above and the balljoint or drop links balljoint ends..normally one way to ID which part is at fault is to spray each bushing with wd-40/silicone lubricant/ or even spray one part of the suspensions rubber bushing with water to see if the noise stops..that way you should be able to narrow it down..or basically have the entire front drivers sides lower control arm bushing/metal inserts the holding bolts run through that hold it to the subframe/antiroll bar bushings greased up to see if that rectifys the issue...

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you Robert I will try the water test and go from there.regards ***** *****