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We have an Opel Astra H 2004 Hatchback. Halfords say the roof

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We have an Opel Astra H 2004 Hatchback. Halfords say the roof fix points are rusty and need replacing and they won't sell us a roof rack, but I cannot see what car part I need or where to get them from. (the 4 threaded fix points) I presume these are bolts that can be removed and replaced (which is what we were told), but I cannot find any information on this.


Are you refering to the mounting points/roof carrier fixing holes under the flaps on the roof line?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes. My wife was told these need to be replaced as they are rusty. I have not attempted to try and remove them to see if that is true, but if they can be removed I need to know where to source new ones from.


Yes you need to remove the trim/strip along the roof line which these afixed.its not an uncommon fault due to water ingress. you can get them pretty kuch anywhere quite easily Vauxhall or even the likes of ebay like in the example pic below..some are colour coded/the small flap you open up so you would need to take that into account when buying..i do hope this helps

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I presume Halfords were saying that the roof bars clip into these mouldings and it is not the bolt hole the roof bar is fixed to? Would the moulding be for that pupose of fixing a roof bar? i.e the flap lifts up and the roof bar clips into the moulding? I'm guessing that what it clips onto is the metal part of the moulding? Thanks


there is clips that the roof bar clip onto these can be an issue too but thee is also small threaded type inserts that you can screw a roof bar too..i persume this is what they refer too..In that case it wont be as easy as doing from outside,but you still need to remove the trim/strip anyway but you need to get at the nut under the roof on the inside by a way of stripping out or partically get it down the roof lining and inspect/replace..only vauxhall will likely replacements to be honest

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