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sean, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  UK based Ford Master Technician. Technician since 1984.
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I just bought an old R-reg Fiesta. When leaning lightly

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Hi. I just bought an old R-reg Fiesta. When leaning lightly on the bonnet today the alarm went off and now I can't switch it off. I have no remote fob but the manual says unlocking the car with key should stop alarm. That hasn't worked. Any ideas?
Hello, I hope I can be of assistance.
You can try unlocking the car from either door, both doors have an alarm activation switch on them so try the passenger door as well.
If this fails then to start with disconnect the battery, this will stop the alarm sounding, make sure you know the audio code if the car still has the original Ford unit.
Once the alarm is no longer sounding the choice of which way you want to proceed is up to yourself. You can either repair the alarm circuits to the doors, usually the small plunger on the switches break off so when you turn the key the end of the lock doesn't push on the switch any more, this means removing a door panel, removing the switch from around the lock and pushing the plunger to disarm the alarm, you'll need a new switch if you want the alarm to continue to operate correctly otherwise remove both door lock switches so the alarm no longer arms.
You can disconnect the alarm control module this will stop the alarm but also stops the central locking from working. The module is located behind the foot well kick panel on the driver's side.
It's very common for the bonnet switch to fail causing the alarm to sound when the car is left unattended.
Start with these points, let me know if I can advise further and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Having wasted my entire day it seems unlocking by the passenger door has done the trick! Having said that, I'm reluctant to lock the car any more in case I get more problems. The 'door open' warning light, which had flickered previously, is now on all the time (after my WD40 effort on the bonnet switch. The car doesn't really need to be locked most of the time anyway. Any more advice?

Hello again. As the passenger door lock switch works you can lock it and just remember to unlock on the passenger side door but I would replace the driver's switch before you have any more problems. If the door ajar warning is on due to the bonnet switch and it is staying on this should stop the alarm arming anyway but obviously as there is a problem with the switch you may end up with false alarms. Below is a link to show you the type of switch I'm referring to.

Let me know if I can advise further. Best wishes, Sean.

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