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The rear drivers side suspension (front fixing of spring and

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The rear drivers side suspension (front fixing of spring and to lesser extent rear fixing) on my Ford Transit (2006) corroded through. The van went through MOT in Jan 2015.
The suspension has been fixed (welded) by a mechanic who has inserted the whole area / part cut from another transit.
My question - does this van need to be re-MOT'd after the repair work and also will this fix allow the van to pass its next MOT ?
Hello, I hope the following assists you.
If the van passed the MOT in January then it doesn't need another MOT until the current MOT expires. If the van failed the MOT in January and has only just been repaired then a full MOT will need to be carried out on it.
Come the next MOT it is up to the MOT inspector as to if the repair is a good enough standard to pass the MOT.
I hope this answers your question but if you need further information let me know and I'll reply as soon as I'm able to.
Best wishes,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Sean - In your experience is this repair a very serious one and one which is likely to need special inspection etc. before an MOT inspector will pass it ? Is this a common repair to Transits (mine is front wheel drive - and the repair is drivers side rear) and do Transits repaired in this way normally pass the MOT if the repair is satisfactory ?

Best regards,


Hello again.
The repair needs to be good quality as it is high load bearing point, the fault is common enough and there are new spring hangers available from various suppliers without having to use parts from another van. There's no reason to have the repair inspected unless you have any doubts as to the quality of the repair. Again if the repair is of a good enough quality then it will pass the next MOT without any problem.
Let me know if I can advise further.
Best wishes,
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