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Re Ford Focus CC3 2007. Recently we have started getting a

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Re Ford Focus CC3 2007. Recently we have started getting a continious warning beep. It sounds for approx 4 seconds and repeats every few minutes.
There are no warning lights or messages and the car and roof are running fine.
We noticed when using the roof the other day a beep sounded which had the same tone as the warning beep we cannot trace. Would this suggest it is some kind of roof related problem. Any idea how we could go about tracing the source/cause of this beep?

this sounds like the roof open warning buzzer and could be one of the micro switchs on the hood / roof mechanisim

Ok the first thing that must be checked is too ensure the luggage separator cover is located correctly in the recess in the boot as sometimes the micro switch doesn't completley close

Ok other common issues that can arise and not leave an error message is a loss of hydraulic pressure /fluid leak from the roof hydraulic / pump/pipes
This is located on the boot ( passenger side behind carpet /trim
Have a look around the boot pan area for any oil residue
If the system hasn't been operated for a while the seals can become dry causing them to perish and leak

If there is no leak then the vehicle must be connected to fords IDS laptop as this has the software capability to monitor every sensor /pump pressure etc

The convertible roof is a technically complex system
There is 10 micro switches in total that must open / close in sync in order for the roof to operate correctly
If even one of these switches doesn't open /close at the right time then you'll have issues

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