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I own a Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 Sport 2001 which I have had

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Hi. I own a Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 Sport 2001 which I have had in the garage to remedy a random missfire and O2 sensor fault.The relevant 02 sensors have been changed and today plugs and leads have been changed to solve the missfire. The missfire is still there and the engine management light is still on. The garage is suggesting the coil packs ( ×3) maybe the problem. These are quite expensive and so I contacted a guy who is breaking the same model requesting the coil packs ( he seems very knowledgeable having owned many galants) and he said that this car doesn't have coil packs but has a distributor.
I am confused and really need to get the problem solved. The car has excellent bodywork and I don't want to have to give up on it but can't completely justify just changing parts over hoping they might just do the trick.
Please help. Regards Dave
Hi..there.. apologies for the delay - I note your question hasnt been responded to as of you still require help?

If you know what the exact fault codes are they get?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi. As far as I am aware it's a generic random missfire code

P 0300.

Thanks Dave


Normally with that type of code P0300 id be checking for underlying cause is in regards ***** ***** lean fuel condition, which of course may be due to a vacuum leak / intake manifold gasket leak ie:- unmetered air getting past the airflow sensor this could of been upsetting the fueling oxygen sensors may of been trying compensate for that and may not of been faulty,best why to diagnose that is to go along the entire intake system/gasket lines hose checks etc by spraying with carb cleaner/brake see if the engine rpm stumbles or runs faster as it drags the carb/brake cleaner in.then that will be your issue - as far as coils go according to my info it does seem to be a distributer on the 2.5 V6 you may actually notice it yourself if you follow your HT leads back to the side of the cylinder head..if you see the distributer cap then thats what you that would be another area to check the cap condition,contacts inside/rotor etc ... 3 coils? again it doesnt seems to list that engine with them but check all the same - but to be honest i couldnt see all 3 coils if had them going faulty at the same time unless its was ECU issue which drives the coils/earth issue burning them as above there are few others things to maybe try or if you think the garage concerned are just replacing parts on guess work at your expense..then it maybe time to seek another opinion/garage... maybe try this site for anyone local to you ... i do hope this helps

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