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How do i enable sunroof on lexusgs300 year 2000 i think previous

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how do i enable sunroof on lexusgs300 year 2000 i think previous owner
had it programmed inoperable.

How do you mean roof attempts to open - does it struggle to slide open or tilt etc?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

When i push tilt switch it attempts to operate, if i push open switch it attempts to operate .SO in answer to ur question i would say yes .i have greased tracks and checked for any obstruction can find none.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sun roof has not been operable for 3 yrs.this is why i think previous owner may have had it programmed disabled because of kids in the car.just a thought.Car manual says this is a feature but does not give any details.Says a dealer issue.


Could well be the motor itself struggling it not too uncommon for that if it hasnt been used for sometime then id say it likely siezed and as a result the motor struggles to get it fully open and shuts off..they have antitrap device to to prevent anyone/fingers trapped a bit like your power windows where it will only go so far up and the drop a couple of inches..but i cant see it being that to be for programming ive never heard that been done on these cars or disabled completely from use - however there is a way of restricting the windows/sunroof opening when you hold down onto the unlock button on your fob in that can be programmed off..but only via dealer level diagnostic only a dealer or an independant specialist might check that out for you if thats whats been done .........
Your not actually ment to use "tilt" function whilst using the other to operate the "slide" function and fully open the sunroof..tilt/sunroof needs to be down to use slide function....have you tried holding the button in the open position for a few minutes and or keep holding close for a few moments to see if that resets it..sometimes you need to do that if you disconnect the battery to reset or put it through a full cycle... but if the motor is actually struggling or the sunroof is very slow to retrac or close even..then id say it likely either mechanism further/tracks further in are gumbed up, try using silicone based lubricant other than wd-40 / or the actual sunroof motor is at fault - and the only way to get at that is pretty much lower the headlining to get a better access to check this out..I do hope this helps
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