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HiI have a Daewoo Lanos, W Reg. It has developed an

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Hi I have a Daewoo Lanos, W Reg. It has developed an intermittent stalling problem. I have had an oil change and had the crank shaft sensor changed, and although the engine appears to be running alot smoother the stalling problem is still happening. When it stalls it then wont start for a couple of minutes and then drives fine. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Just to add, I have had new plugs and leads in the last 18 months.


I note you mention the CKP sensor changed.. i asume you had fault codes for that to be replaced do you know what they where? do you have engine warning light on when this fault occurrs?

When it stalls is this under cold condition or hot warmed up engine?

What engine size?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, no fault codes, the mechanic I have been using suggested that could be the problem. No engine warning lights coming on and it is seems to be when the engine is warm. It is 1400 engine. I have recently had a new battery as well. Two mechanics have put in onto a diagnostic machine and are not finding any faults I assume because it is an intermittent problem.


If there's no fault codes..then they may have to go into live data/serial data pids watching certain sensors and monitor that way..of course this needs to be done whilst the cars running upto temp or driving and hopefully they may pick up what sensor that maybe dropping out or going open circuit if thats the case..normally it can be CKP or even cam sensor related have they check the wiring to both these just incase..have they checked fuel pressure just to be sure its not failing fuel pump..what about the ect sensor "engine coolant temp sensor" normally that can cause stalling issues on a warm engine maybe also check for any vacuum/intake/gasket leaks just incase this happens once the engine heats up ie: when things expand and maybe causing unmetered air to enter the engine..just a check to tick off id say...but as above there a few things that can be done as a next step forward..i do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your help....I forgot to say that when I was driving it today I noticed that it appeared to buck (seemed to lost power momentarily and then pick up again, and then a couple of minutes later, as I was slowing down to go round a steep corner the engine died. But I will speak to the garage about what you suggested.


Id maybe suggest as a check anyway..the fuel pressure/filter condition just to be sure the issue isnt actually a failing fuel pump as long as your not running really low then it maybe the best place to start..if its failing intermitent as you mention which fuel pumps can tend to do... if it does cut out and there is still spark..then its likely a fuelling issue as suggested above... Its really catching the problem as and when it it maybe worth leaving the car with them a few days to maybe give them and idea on the fault.and makes checks once the fault occurrs....

Also please dont forget to rate my answer as above most appreciated and should you require to ask anything further then you can on this same question..regards Robert
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