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Have xr3i convertible 1.816v 1990. opened boot without unlocking

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have xr3i convertible 1.816v 1990.
opened boot without unlocking car by mistake which set off alarm drove it yesterday fine then went to take my boy out last night noticed the car clock flashing rapidly now the car only turns over but wont start .
hope you can help
kind regards
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Hi Suzanne .

You will have to close all doors and lock then unlock the door with your key .but first open and close the boot just to make sure the light switch is closed .

But id you have the remote lock and unlock the car with the fob ,as long as the light is flashing you are in alarm mode and the engine will not start ,as soon as the flashing light stops then you can start the engine .

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Kind regards Greg.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi greg

the car is locked at present if I open the boot wont it set of the alarm again as this is what happened before.i drove the car yesterday it was only when I went to take my boy to football last night I noticed the clock light flashing red and the car engine turned over but would not start.

kind regards Suzanne.


Lock then unlock with the key this will disarm the alarm then open the boot and reclose then you should be able to start ,this is if you have only the original factory alarm system and not an aftermarket add on .