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I have a mitsubishi challenger2.5 td which i have broken off

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I have a mitsubishi challenger2.5 td which i have broken off the passanger side back if the engine tried to remove no luck last attempt with a cobalt drill no luck.
what would happen if i didnt replace it.

Can you be more specific as in whats been broken on the engine?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry the bolt on the back passanger side rocker cap number 5 bolt passanger side. Thanks


The Camshaft Bearing Cap bolt - if one has broken then that cap wont be torqued down correctly as appossed to the rest that hold the camshaft "could snap" altogether the cap,more stress if it only held down with a single bolt,i certainly wouldnt leave it with a single bolt holding it in place anyway.. its unusual for that to happen unless that bolt was stressed already to much torque.thats why normally its best to replace bolts like that when installing/same with head bolts unless specified otherwise...normally the best method is to try an drill it out an helicoil repair it,,you can get kits that has all the stuff you need..but you have to be super carefull / and ensure you are drilling directly/centre to the broken bolt and dont go to far or even drilling off centre you could risk creating more damage to the head... like i say thats about the best fix on the car itself that way,but ensure the metal filings during re-threading are fully blown out of the hole before fitting in the new helicoil insert/bolt..the other alternative is to remove the head and get a machine shop to drill it out or replace the head altogether...
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