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Just got a 2011 C5 Tourer in need of rear pads. It has an electric

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Just got a 2011 C5 Tourer in need of rear pads. It has an electric "hand brake". Is this a job that I can do myself ? What are the pit-falls ? Would appreciate your wisdom. Many thanks. Ernie from Cork.
Hi..apologies for the delay..

You need a diagnostic tool to enter the parking brake service mode..this winds back the epb motors - then you can remove the caliper move the piston back..then fit the new new pads..then via the same diagnostic tool via brake pad recalibration mode to reset the rear epb motors so they set to the new enable the handbrake to work properly and cycle on and off through the handbrake switch within the car a few times..sadly there is no DIY method unless you have the diagnostic tool to carry out service work on the electronic handbrake..

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks. Was thinking of chocking the wheels and leaving the engine running whilst changing the pads and hoping this might do the trick. Thanks for your know how anyway. Ernie.

Hi..No problem

That method wont work,probably a little dangerous to be honest - the EPB needs to be retracted fully back before the pistons can be manually pushed get your new pads in..theres no other way round it sadly..that way once the system has been recalibrated then you can be sure the handbrake will work... i do hope this helps further... Please dont forget however to rate my answer as above most appreciated
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your know how. I think I will give it to my mechanic, at least he knows what he`s doing.!!!!

I did give you an excellent rating.