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I have vw passat cc 2008 and need 4 new tyres. The ones

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Hi I have vw passat cc 2008 and need 4 new tyres. The ones I have on there now are contisport contacts 3. 235 45 R 17 94W.
Looking them up it says they are summer tyres, but I want all year summer and winter with good fuel consumption and good stopping distance A rating for both.
What should I buy?
Hello and Welcome -
My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise you .
The first thing to say is , you will often struggle to get a tyre with A rating for both as you suggest - some makers do them - but you tend to have to pay a bit more - Ie, the cheaper makes wont be understand.
The second things is, its very rare to get a all year round tyre (s) that will specify " summer and winter" - rather, they say " summer" - and drivers with "summer" tyres will use them all year round with no issues at all. If a driver wants or needs to specify "winter" tyres , perhaps because of where one lives - ie, winter conditions in parts of the country mean snow etc for some - then its a case of changing the "summer" tyres for "winter" - then back again come spring / summer. A lot of people do that - though many find it a "pain"... and still others do not have anywhere to store the tyres through the seasons - bur those that can -do.
To cover for that , the best thing to do is go for a tyre that is at least mid range - and a "known" make - with higher ratings.
Looking at the tyres you have on the car right now -they are actually a very good tyre - but I would recommend in view of your request - this tyre (s) here :
Any local garage to you can order these in - or indeed you can deal with that company and have them fitted locally - Indeed, that company are known to very good on prices usually.
So I would in line with your question recommend those as a good option - all round.. I indeed personally would recommend the Pirelli as a good all year tyre.
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
-- Please do do the rating for me Jo at this time.. Thank you in advance for that ... Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out --
Best Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply.

Does it matter if the tyres are XL?



Hello again Jo -
Thank you for your reply -
XL stands for Extra Load – or is sometimes referred to as Reinforced. Essentially, tyres bearing this stamp are designed for heavy cars rather than ones that carry big loads. Not only are they constructed to cope with weight, but also the higher tyre pressure these vehicles need to run at. This marking is usually found on lower-profile tyres used on large cars. It highlights the fact they are built to a higher weight rating, as there is nearly always a standard version in the same size in the maker’s range.
So usually when buying any given tyre of the size / rating in question ( ie - yours is a thats a high speed rating ) will get the tyre in the XL range anyway - or it will say " reinforced " on it..
But check with any supplier when looking to buy - to be reassured ..
I hope that helps you further- Do let me know if you need anything else at or future.
Best Rgds - MIKE
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