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Billy, Trainer/ Master Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Trainer 8+ years, master tech. 10+ years, SAE member
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Billy I have a 2010 Audi Q5 3.0 tdiq Se S Tronic. It has

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Hi Billy
I have a 2010 Audi Q5 3.0 tdiq Se S Tronic. It has done 87,000. When it came out of warranty we had it serviced by our local garage as we were fed up paying Audi prices. I took it to them initially and they said a software update may fix it but that would be better done by Audi and they also told me the web was full of forums about this exact same problem :
I have recently been experiencing a juddering and jolting when it shifts from 2nd to 1st gear, you see.
I took it in to Audi today who are saying 3 things :
lack of recent s tronic oil change may have caused the problem although could not guarantee this
Gearbox may be damaged (shouldn't they know if it is or not ?)
Software update will probs apparently make matters worse (?). Spending £2,500 on this may help but may not so think we should spend nearly £10,000 for a complete gear box change. ATF change apparently will not improve situation.
The above is all gobbeldy gook to me but seems awful that a car of this value should incur that type of expenditure at only 5yrs and less than £90,000.
Any views or previous experience ?
In addition they want me to spend another £700 on A/C as that has also failed around the same time.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Hello Jennifer and welcome!

I think you mean less than 90,000 miles.

I'm sorry for this series of misfortunate events....

Updating the software should not make things worse. In fact, it might improve the situation. You should start by getting the updated software. Your mechanic is right on that.

Having updated the software, and if the problem persists, then have them really check the gearbox (and indeed, they should be able to know), by removing the fluid, and checking for burnt smell, and for small shreds inside (from the worn clutches, if any).

At dealers, they always try to blame you for going elsewhere, so don't worry about that, just get the updated software, and let's hope for the best.
And since your vehicle came out of warranty, it should not have many mile on it (after warranty), and the s tronic fluid is replaced at minimum every 30000 miles.

Kindly get back to me with your findings (and what do they plan to change with the A/C), or if further assistance is needed, so we proceed accordingly.

Thank you for your trust! Get back to me if you need more assistance...Thank you in advance for the positive rating...

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