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I have Vauxhall vectors 1.9 diesel. Hav problem with ICU. Can

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I have Vauxhall vectors 1.9 diesel. Hav problem with ICU. Can I drive the car safely without affecting the engine? Also the for Exhaust stays on when driving even though a mechanic has cleaned it.

Im asuming your refering to the DPF has been cleaned??

What fault codes are being logged/or stored?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the car's DpF ius replaced but the sign still stays on. The car drives smoothly. will this one day effect driving? thanks


If the DPF was renewed then the light shouldnt be on.. cleaning can work to a certain extent but more often it generally doesnt work and it is hugely messy task to do.....That why in all certain circumstances it best to allow the vehicle to regerate the dpf itself depending on how blocked up the dpf is..if it doesnt then they can force regen the filter through their diagnostic machine if its able to? high end scanner should do it.... if that fails then the dpf needs to be changed out and renewed - but depending on the codes you have stored it could be a a problem with the differnatial pressure this measures the differnatial pressure across the dpf..those small hoses you see from the filter can sometimes be ripped or blocked up or the sensor itself..hence why it could still be thinking the dpf is still blocked..have you tried giving a good hard run on motorway..normally that can help simply keeping it in 4th for upto 15mins drive on motor way can help...if not then you'll need to find out why the warning hasnt gone scanning the ecu to see or you could clear it first..and then retest drive and see if the warning comes back or not....but as it stands just now it should be fine to drive..but you should really find out why through what ive mentioned above why that warning hasnt gone off despite replacing the DPF..i do hope this helps
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