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My car has just failed its mot because airbag light is on and

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my car has just failed its mot because airbag light is on and wont go off and they don't know why

What procedures have they carried out to deal with this problem do you know?

Was it on before the car went in for MOT?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the mot station said need to see a diagnostic mechanic and it could cost anything from ten pound to four hundred


When it comes to the Airbag/SRS system faults you will need to have the system diagnosed on a scanner thats able to introgate the airbag module to see what fault codes are present.that way you'll have an understanding what part of the airbag system has developed a fault hence why the airbag warning is on..Once you have those fault codes then you can progress forward with a repair..or investigate/check of the connections to those airbags/pretensioners etc.the most common is normally a connection fault usually below/under the seats....Testing normally with most garages is around £25-£40 per test but you need a high end scanner for this so you will need to ask the garage who is going to do this work they have the ability to check and diagnose the system and sadly thats about the only way forward on this im afraid..just one of these things that are now recently added and testable during the airbag warning must come on at will go through it self test and once pased the airbag light will go out and thats what they want to see for it to pass on that...
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