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DAIHATSU GRAN MOVE 1999 1500cc manual

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DAIHATSU GRAN MOVE 1999 1500cc manual
Whats your full registration number? so i can see what engine code you have
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi..there.. far as i can tell your water pumps driven by the auxillary belt on pulley side..if you follow the belt from the crank pulley up you'll see it runs not only your alternator but the slighty larger pulley with 3-4 bolts holding the pulley wheel to the pump itself - thats is the water pump...normally if your having trouble finding leaks..the best thing to do if you have the equipment is to fill the reserve tank - then place a coolant pressure tester in place of the cap and the pump up the tester to the specified psi on the cap and then pretty much once the system upto to pressure as it would when running.then just follow the whole system round and look for any tell tail leaks or air/bubbles escaping..that usually the best way of find leaks which are hard to find or only srop up once the engine hot when things expand so to speak...
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