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Small amount of unleaded petrol accidentally put in Skoda Yeti

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small amount of unleaded petrol accidentally put in Skoda Yeti diesel engine

By how much have you put in by mistake and what was the level before hand?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It was around three quarters full and I added just over £8 worth of unleaded petrol - then topped up tank with Diesel (about £12 worth).


Normally the rule over adding petrol by mistake to deisels is less than £5 is safe enough to fill the tank right up with the deisel and shouldnt have any effect on the engine as long as the tanks topped up.... The problem with having too much petrol in there means you run a higher risk of damaging the injection pump/injectors and if under warranty then i wont be covered - as i wont be deemed as mechanically failure but wear and tear caused by the missfuelling - In all honesty to minimise the risk of damage id say it would be in your best intrests to have the tank drained out..i know this would be unfortunate due to the fact you have topped the tank up/and whats already in there lost...But id say that would be the best approach on this one..due to the nature of the diesel injection system on these cars...If your with the AA/RAC they will have specialised units to carry out that type of work..or any missfuelling service company in your area should be able to this..aswell as replace or drain the fuel filter before adding fresh deisel back into the tank....That would be my advice as above.....I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I appreciate what you are saying and certainly won't hold you responsible if anything goes wrong. I have already driven the car about 10 miles home with no obvious ill effects. Am I taking a huge risk by hoping for the best?


All i can advise if you feel the car has no ill effects as far upto this point - then just keep as your doing - as long as the tanks topped with the diesel - so your keep the ratio of petrol lower over the deisel in the tank until it eventually burns off of course.then normally thats the method if you put in anything below £5 say..then thats about the best advice or route you can go down if draining isnt an could of course at each top up add a diesel injector cleaner and that should help too...but theres not much else you can do bar the 2 options above im afraid...but considering you do have the vehicle certainly in the mean time maybe consider having the tank would be my best advice if any of my customers had that issue..saves risking damage to the injection system due to petrol which essentially washes the lubrication that diesels has to protect the internals of the injection system/pump,injectors...and to replace those wont be cheap..but as above that about the best advice like i say...I do hope this helps
Why have you rated Bad Service for? please explain..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Very sorry, must have clicked the wrong box. I intended to give you the top rating.
No worries - just that bad rating effects my score... but if you could change it to OK / Good / Excellent? on the answer above you rated on before - then that would much appreciated...and if you require anything else then just ask anytime and i'll be happy to help..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I couldn't get rid of the previous rating but have added a further excellent rating. Is there anything else I can do?