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Vw lupo 1.4 02 plate starts ok from cold but struggles to start

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vw lupo 1.4 02 plate starts ok from cold but struggles to start when engine warm

What do you mean in regards to "garage reset"??
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

took it to garage. they found no real faults, cleared fault codes, took it back to have another look and found no faults.

yet it still has trouble starting when engine is run left for 10 to 15 mins and then have trouble starting. the engine turns over starts to fire up and then after 30 seconds of struggling then runs ok. No problems once running. the engine light came on once engine cut out and then trouble starting but this has happened once.


If they cleared fault codes as you describe then those codes the ecu stored may of helped ascertain what would need to off been checked the quote of not finding any real faults doesnt make the codes must of been there for them to clear them...Alas the only few things that come to mind as per your fault..would be either a loss of spark or fueling issue...the most common being a fault ECT sensor "engine coolant temp sensor" as this primarily used by the ecu to sense the coolant temp for cold/hot if faulty could well be at fault - so that one possible cause..the other is failing crank sensor causing los or weak that would be another area that could be your issue..Ideally it would be best to get a garage actually scan it and or get them to drive the car upto temp when the fault seems to occur..whislt the diagnostic machine/scanner is plugged in on test drive they maybe able to catch what sensor drops out on live data or what fault codes flag up..that maybe worth trying out..but as above normally those 2 sensors can cause that type of fault..but it would be best to confirm that by what ever codes get stored..of course you could just replace them being failry cheap and easy to fit those sensor and see how it goes..entirely your choice which method you wish to do..have it scanned first or just replace those 2 sensors and see if that resolves it...I do hope this helps
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