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Vectra diesel difficult to start and runs badly at 2100 seems

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vectra diesel difficult to start and runs badly at 2100 seems to runs out of breath at about 3000 rpm

Any engine management lights come up since this occurred?

How do you mean hard to start? when cold or hot engine?

What your full registration number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok..normally the best places to start on these being the 8 valve z19dt engine - is to clear or have cleaned out your EGR Valve/MAP boost sensor - normally these two can contritube to alot of starting and power delivery issues on that engine..might not be in your case - but its well worth ruling need to remove the EGR valve from the engine and pretty much strip it down and clean it out with lots of brake cleaner and small brush - It sits on the inlet manifold to the top right corner - you'll note a exhaust gas tube going into undrneath that needs to be undone two torx bolts hold that and is quite ackward to get at..then the 3 long bolts that hold the EGR to the manifold making sure the metal gasket isnt lost in the process as you need that again..unless you have a replacement... the boost sensor is to the centre/back to the left of the engr valve and can be removed via the single.that can also be removed and cleaned up by just spraying your brake/carb cleaner to remove any built up soot carbon.and then spray some into the oriface that sensor came out off...but apart from that..those would be the best places to start ideally without fault codes - if there are fault codes then it would be wise to find out what they are first. if that those areas havent inproved the problem..then the next step is the fuel filter/delivery pressures check...also an inspection of the turbo vacuum lines see the control solinoid at the front 2 vac lines one of which goes down the front of the engine into a heat sheild and then up into the wastegate actuator..check that lines inst damaged or leaking and the waste does actually move...I do hope this helps

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