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Had new clutch fitted it judders in first and reverse gears

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had new clutch fitted it judders in first and reverse gears garage changed clutch for a more expensive one this one also judders the car did not judder with the old clutch the car is a Chrysler grand voyager 2.5 diesel 2004

How did the old clutch fail... was it general wear or complete failure?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the clutch had general ware it still worked it just slipped a bit if you pulled away to quick advised by my garage it needed replacing at mot and service in march 2014 it still worked fine when it went in to have the clutch done end of april 2015 at a different garage 1 am fairly sure I told this garage I wanted a luk clutch fitted the mechanic brought the car back to me I drove him back to his garage paid him and came home on driving up my drive I noticed the car was juddering I took the car out to a quiet car park to test and it was just as bad in reverse I got in touch with garage he agreed to look at car told me he had fitted a blueprint clutch he agreed to change it for a luk on changing it he said he thought the fly wheel had a couple of hot spots on it and needed skiming I said no it should be okay now it has a better make clutch on taking the car out with the mechanic the judder was still there my question to him was why did he not notice the so called hot spots when he fitted the first clutch . I now have the problem of what he expects me to pay him and I have lost faith in him doing any more work on my car


Yeah i agree in some respect that the Flywheel should of been inspected at the very beginning,why it was never noticed at the start?..i cant answer that to be generally down to expertise and knowing these things have to be checked before installing any clutch to be honest..even on test drive before handing the car back to you its should been noticed too - normally when the flywheel is exposed it has to be inspected for scoring/blueing/heat damage case by the wearing faulty clutch plate..even with DMF's they need to measure for its axial or radial play and whether it is outside the specifications..before any new clutch is installed...If your sure you asked him to put a LUK brand in then thats what should of been done and printed as such on receipts/invoice..if cheaper brand had been put in without your knowledge which you now found out to be the case and you payed exactly the same as if a LUK was fitted then you need to look into that...The fault in itself certainly sounds like the flyhweel is your problem going by what your saying..and skimming isnt really something i would advise getting it its lot more cost effective to replace the flywheel itself than go down that route of machining and it needs to be specifically done right anyway...... It can be knowing too to get some slight juddering on a new flywheel fit for a short time until it beds in seen that a few times..but gradually beds in after a few miles as such..but if this still continues even after driving a period of time then it sounds like i say above more the flywheel - have they checked the input shaft splines and the release bearing is able to move freely..aswell as the clutch slave it ok...a few other things to rule out...
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