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My Citroen C4 has had an intermittent problem with an

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My Citroen C4 has had an intermittent problem with an 'Engine Management System Faulty' warning coming up on the dash. Recently it tends to happen most days and can either come on when I first start the car or whilst I'm driving. Every time I get a loss of power where it's going into a 'limp' mode I suppose. Strangely if it comes on when I first start the car it usually clears within 5 minutes.
Today I drove to work and temporarily parked outside and when I went out to move it I had the Anti theft faulty warning on dash and it wouldn't start. I locked and unlocked the car from the fob and then tried again and it started. I went up the road a bit later and the same happened. Do you think these ECU warnings are related or are a sign that the ECU is faulty?
I've had the car since February and already had to replace the fuel pump, radiator and disks all round, I'm considering scrapping it.
Hello hopefully the citreon garage will have pulled a fault code off which should give a direction? from your description I'd say it slikley to be a poor electrical connection thats making and breaking as things expand with temperature - this coudl be within a sensor or just a poor connection - the diagnostic code will narrow this down
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