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I have a fiat panda 2005 169 1.2L. I bought it 2 months

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Hi .I have a fiat panda 2005 169 1.2L. I bought it 2 months ago. Yesterday had to climb a very high cliff street and accelerated quite a lot(over 6000 rpm). I then parked it. In the morning i started the engine and drove for 10 minutes The engine heated up on red and everytime i was accelerating sounded like a traktor. I checked for erros and its p1325 (knock sensor - intermittent). I bought the sensor but i can't find the place for it so that i can change it. Anyone would be helpful..Thanks. I have read about knock sensor on wikipedia and i know what it does i need someone that can point me to how to reach it or if I have to take the entire manifold out.

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Hi .

The knock sensor will not make the engine run hot .i suggest you check the coolant
level first if not already done ,you may have other problems .

But the Knock sensor is on the front of the engine block on the side of the transmission
just under the cylinder head .

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Kind regards Greg.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Well what I found out from what you told me is just a description not actually a cause...or whati issues could have triggered a knock sensor error.I found the sensor and its behind the engine not in front.

Coolant is fine.

Hi dragos .

Sorry right rear of engine , what was the code you have P0324 /25/ 26/ 27 etc .

Any other codes .

When a engine overheats the engine will start to Ping/Knock and the knock sensor will
see this and then try to advance/retard the engine, but with the overheated engine having a bad mix of air to fuel ratio due to the hot engine it will keep on pinging / knocking and set you this code .

How long does it take to get hot .

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

about 10 minutes. then the temperature level goes to red and then it slowly loosens power while I drive no matter the gear .

Then suddenly it stops he engine for a while(10-15 minutes) and if I try to start the engine ...there is no chance. I read that the ecu (as a protection) it shuts down the engine so that it doesn't ultra heats up. after the 10-15 minutes when the engine has cooled of a but it starts again. But my curiosity was that. If it is a sensor why it makes the sounds(just as a reference) like its a whole in the exhaust pipe or no exhaust.

The code is p1325(it was part of my question description)

Okay Dragos .
You have to sort out the overheating issue first ,
You may have a sticking thermostat.
Cooling fans not coming ON when the coolant temp gets to 82 or 92 the cooling fans should witch on.
Like i said if the engine temp get to high the engine will act like this
and to be honest i would not be surprised to see that you have a cylinder head gasket problem as this engine will cause a headgasket problem if overheated .
Check the overheating issue first then clear codes and the test drive and recheck for codes .
Need further assistance with this issue then please get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service rate buttons .
This way i can get back to you and suggest other options or suggest another Expert .
Kindest regards Greg
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The fans are working...i checked that. What i dont know is where are the sounds coming out from when i accelerate. My logic tells me that if a knock sensor fails with no sound in the engine then it must be the sensor...but if a sensor is gonna be changed and there is still knoking then there is no point chnaging the sensor.What is odd is there are no signals or warning light on the dashboard. At least the service one

Hi Dragos .
The knock sensor in some vehicles do not trip on the check engine light
Unless it has a second code .
Like i said Dragos you have to find out why the engine is overheating this is a must ,
Don't worry about the sensor until you have the overheating sorted out .
After a*****the car overheats and the cooling fans come on then replace the thermostat, then retest drive , sill overheating then do an engine block leak test, this will confirm if you have a head gasket problem .
Here is an example how to do a leak test to see if you have a bad headgasket :
Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It has a manifold leak...but i thought if its external leak then cooland should be leaking under the car as well seems its internal.Can i fix if myself?

do you have coolant in your engine oil or oil in the coolant .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

This mechanic is changing my spark plugs and those cables that goes in the other side of the spark plugs.And he is cleaning that part where the air filter connects (engine side) he said it's oil in there. And that my car eats oil and water thats why it overheats. He said might be something with the compression inside the engine and mught be the inlet manifold.The thermostat works normally and ventilators do start when reaching a hoter temperature. He said if I need to take the head gasket out and change it then will have to take it to a specialist to remake the edges so that the new H.gasket comes. neatly. I hope I dont need to change the whole engine.

Hi Draos .

Going from what your mechanic says looks like a headgasket problem .

This is what can happen if you overheat the engine .

This would explain your symptoms.

What he means is the head will have to be checked for cracks and to check if the head is warped ,if warped will have to be machined .

Have him do a wet and dry compression test to make sure the rings are still good, if the bottom half proves good just replace the head gasket and have the valves reseated.

This should be done if headgasket being replaced .

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If I don't reply soon I will as quickly as I can when i get back on line.

Kind regards Greg

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

He said to fix the headgasket and he is sure thats not the problem its 400 to change the engine is 550.Non of them are a guarantee that all is fine. But if i spend 400 to fix and its actually the whole engine then ill have to add another 500 for another used engine change. The car value is 1000 and the scrapyard pays me 150 if i want to scrape it away. A new engine is 1000 a used one is 150(around 35000 miles)-350(65000 miles). What do you adivese. You are not located in London are you.?

Sorry Drago .
Not in London , but i would do the whole engine if the engine compression is low which it will be on these after overheating a few times ,
If your car is in overall good MOT condition and you want to stay with it then change the engine with the lowest mileage.
Rgds Greg
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