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A flashing glowplug symbol has appeared on the MFD display.What

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A flashing glowplug symbol has appeared on the MFD display.What does this indicate?
It resets the next time the ignition is turned on and appears and usually reappears when the engine has been pulling on revs 1000-2000 but not always.
Hi I'm Ross, thanks for trusting me to help you today. I am a diagnostic and repair technician and I look forward to working with you.When you had the fault codes cleared were you told what the fault code was? Thanks, Ross.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The technician said it was possible that the turbo was cutting in below

2500 revs. This was a problem with about town low speed driving.

Does this help?


Ideally the fault codes are needed to give a more definite diagnosis, however based on what you say i suspect this could be something such as the EGR system suffering a blockage due to carbon build up (Caused by town driving) but its very difficult to pinpoint anything without the diagnostic trouble code. If the fault happens regularly, ideally the car needs to be scanned again for fault code while the light is on and the trouble code needs to be recorded and diagnosed before clearing the code. A view of the live engine data on the diagnostic scan will also help to pinpoint the cause. My suspicion at this point however would be an issue with the EGR system or possibly with the diesel particulate filter, this can also be checked on a diagnostic scan.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The trouble with this problem is that as soon as the engine is turned off it resets and therefore unless it happens near home or my local garage

I could have a problem getting seen to whilst the symbol is showing.

Is it detrimental to the engine if I travel some distance in this state?

No, if the engine is not going into limp mode with reduced power, it is a minor issue which wont cause problems in the short term but should be looked into as soon as is realistically possible.There should be a "Historic" fault code showing even if the light is off, occasionally this doesn't happen, in which case most garages have a drive recorder which is a small plug in device that records before and after the fault is detected for the technician to examine. Otherwise unfortunately like you say it is a case of getting it while the light is on which is easier said than done sometimes. If the engine runs OK I would have no problem with you using the car as normal until it can be plugged in again.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Ross I will get the recent code analysed ASAP.

What does EGR mean. Is it part of the exhaust system?

Yes, the EGR is the Exhaust gas recirculation system, this passes some exhaust gas back through the engine to be burnt which helps with emissions, these block due to carbon build up which is more common on diesels and town driving often makes it worse as it doesn't get a good blast to burn it off.
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