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I have been on a drive during which my ABS light came on.

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I have been on a drive during which my ABS light came on. My car is a Proton Savvy 06 Style. Someone mentioned on another website that it should be okay to drive and should check the brake fluid to see if full or not.
I this correct

It would certainly be worth checking your brake fluid..but it'll likely not be your fault-- it is correct that you can still drive the car with ABS light it will just revert to non-abs brakes..the abs unit is just there to assist braking when sharply/hard on the brakes/emergancy stop as such to come to a controlled stop than have all the wheels lock up...There are various reasons for the ABS light to come on - the most common is a fault with one of the wheel speed sensor(s) or /trigger/reluctor rings the sensor actually reads,monitors - if these are broken,crakced even or missing teeth or fouled in anyway between the airgap of the sensor and trigger ring then this will flag up the abs light on the dash another could be a wiring fault between the sensor and the abs control module from which ever wheel speed sensor or too the main abs control unit/module- in itself could also be faulty too...worn wheel bearings to can also have and added effect and cause the light to come on - so those would need to be checked - Ideally plug in diagnostic would be the best way to go to trace it down.that way once you know what the fault/fault code is then checks can take place...But as it stands it certainly ok to drive but if left until MOT time it will most certainly fail the test..I do hope this helps
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