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Had new clutch fitted about 12 months ago this week I Brock

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Had new clutch fitted about 12 months ago this week I Brock down and had to bee bought home by AA the garage that it was taken to look at it and said the gear box bolts 3were missing and the box has come apart from the engine I then had it taken to the garage that did the clutch as they were the last persons to touch the gearbox they say a engine mountain had Brocken and that is why the bolts fell out and came loose I have spoken to at least 4 mechanics who have said that they think what happened was the gearbox came loose and that's when the mountains broke also all say when you join the gearbox to the engine there is no way the bolts will come loose I would like to her what you think thank you
Gearbox bolts shouldn't fall out or be loose or missing - when the gearbox on any vehicle is refitted all bolts need to be reinstalled and need to be fully tight and if that hasnt been done then the garage who fitted the clutch are at fault for not checking that and ensuring they where..there are certain torque specs they need to do which you could ask aswell - but normally as long as the gearbox bolts are fully tight then that's all that required..if a certain garage or mechanic do alot of clutch changes then they get to know what or how tight these bolts should far as mounts go if the gearbox was working itself away from the engine by not being fully mated up..then yes this would cause alot of strain on the mounts to cope with the movement the gearbox/engine was doing when driving etc..but it puzzles me why they are asking you for half labour and parts,any good garage would rectify it free of charge..when it clearly a failure on their part from what your saying and as far as the other mechanics have mentioned too..but no gearbox bolts dont come loose on there own as they are pretty long bolts so even if they where loose they'd still be partically screwed in..unless of course the bolts were not installed..
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