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I have a seat altea. I cannot get gears normally. gear change

Customer Question

i have a seat altea. I cannot get gears normally. gear change stick is sticking in between changing gears. I think it has something to do with clutch pedal as I can select gears with no engine running without depressing the clutch pedal. what could be causing the problem.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
If the clutch disc isnt able to clear properly and the engine is still transferring power through the gearbox..can tend to cause sticking gear shifting...but as you've experianced becomes easier when the engines off..normally the best approach would be to consider getting the hydraulic side of the clutch system rebled and see if that tries to improve or solve the issue..if not then if the clutch itself appears to be ok wear wise which i know can only generally be done by gearbox removal to see the wear..its possible that you may have weak slave or master cylinder that not working effectively as it should to disengage the clutch to get be able to get smooth gear change..the master cylinder is what the clutch pedal operates to send pressure to the slave cylinder at the gearbox to disengage the as above if they havent re-bled the clutch system yet..because you dont mention they have then that could be something to try and see if any air is present in the system to confirm that air is getting in which it shouldnt..if not then they would need to look further into as regards ***** ***** 2 cylinders or any possible leaks..I do hope this helps