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Peugeot 207. 2006. 30,000 miles. My daughter's car. Engine

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Peugeot 207. 2006. 30,000 miles. My daughter's car.
Engine overheats after a short drive. Water coolant empty. Refill. No leakage under car. but after 5 minutes driving, engine overheats again and fan comes on making the noise it does. Water coolant empty again, but still no leakage. Refill and the process repeats itself. Is this something I can get the green flag man to come round and fix?
Its unlikely the green flag would actually sort it on site unless the problem is evident and is repairable onsite as regards ***** ***** leak as such on the engine...if as you say your having to fill the tank up and then find its empty again after the overheating warning/fans etc...then the only places it can leak is either internally engine a check of the engine oil would be one area to check as per level and signs of cross contamination or externally either under pressure or as and when the engine tends to heat up as things expand..It would also be best to feel around the front footwells and carpets and underlay to ensure the heater matrix hasnt actually burst/the cause for the leak...but normally the best procedure is to perform a coolant system pressure test on the coolant system once its refilled/bled.that maybe something to ask your green flag person to try and see if that forces the leak to appear aswell as highlight whether pressure is being lost aswell as a leak..also and full inspection of the expansion tank and cap condition...but as above thats about the only options as far as checks go of course checking the entire the coolant system circuit..I do hope this helps
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