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My girlfriend recently brought a 2004 sports Ka it has low

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My girlfriend recently brought a 2004 sports Ka it has low mileage at 51k and has been ok recently she has noticed the steering seems to lurch to the left it is intermittent but worrying any idea what it is and how it can be fixed

Could well be slight play in the suspension/balljoint or steering has to be a process of elimination im afraid checking those for that or tell tail movement and may only crop up or experianced with certain road surface conditions which can be quite common is parts of the suspension is in the stages of wear,or slight movement...any issues tread wise on the tyres might be something to check too and see if wear in uneven to suggest a track issue....ideally you want to be having both wheels up off the ground/axles stands to support the car..and check for any movement felt in each want to be taking the wheel both hands at both 9-3o clock position aswell as the 12-6oclock and feel for any movement..of course ensure the steering lock is on.the key areas id say for checking is the inner tie rods from the steering rack / the track rod end balljoints for movement / lower control arm bushing for detriotation/cracking in the rubber, movement / lower control arm balljoint from movement/partical seizure aswell / centre wheel bearing play also needs to be checked for excessive movement too..most of these area's ive highlighted can contribute to that type of issue and if none of these have been checked,properly yet..then that has to be the best places to start checking...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks is it potentially dangerous and what sort of repair cost do you think

Many thanks Austin


Going by what your say being intermittent and possibly occurs due to certain raod sufaces doesnt sound major at the moment..if the steering felt loose or the car seemed to be uncontrolable in steering position sense.then id say id it would be something to looked at any case it would be at least getting those areas above checked out to see what condition those areas i mentioned above are in..or maybe have look at the previous MOT slip and see if anything on that matches anything ive mentioned maybe on an advisory note..costing would be difficult to say this early on to be honest? But these cars and suspension etc is very simple to work on it wouldnt take garage very long to replace either of the parts above, fixed many of these cars before myself...the only one that will be slightly more costly is a wheel bearing replacement as that involves hub removal unless the garage has a wheel bearing extractor/install kit..and most parts for them are cheap and easily aquired...
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