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I have a citroen Berlingo 04 which has a gear box problem. It is a Multi Space. The gear s

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I have a citroen Berlingo 04 which has a gear box problem. It is a Multi Space. The gear selection sporadically is non existent and I have to double clutch and stir the gear stick around till the selector finally engages. I am coasting in the car at this point. I have had the pressure plate replaced in the recent past, less than 8 months. Do you think I am going to need to replace the gear box.

Is the gear selection problem still an issue with the engine off? and is it in certain gears or all?

I note you mention the pressure plate..i asume the rest of the clutch was replaced at the same time?

Why was the oil pump replaced?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, as far as I can tell, the gears select whilst the engine is not turning over. I think the pressure plate was the only thing replaced on the gear box. I think the oil pump was knackered for the gear box so they replaced it at the same time.

When I broke down with the clutch, the chap from the AA had me put the car in gear whilst the engine was off. Once I had 1st gear selected, I then turned the engine on and managed to get the car moving so he could attach a tow. The car managed into 2nd gear then I just went into neutral to be towed.

My concern is that this is how it started before any replacement parts were done. Now its started again and I think its going to be unsafe to keep having to coast with the clutch being double clutched to get a gear.


Ok..Im puzzled as to why you just had the pressure plate done..when a new clutch as a standard kit comes with normally 3 parts that need to be replaced - those include the pressure plate - the friction plate - release bearing as standard..and all 3 need to be replaced at the same time..Replacing just one part of the clutch assembly is truely bad practice..and you need to investigate whether you've been charged for a full clutch replacment when only one part of it has been replaced..which means 2 parts of your new clutch kit is laying about and left out....
Im fully asuming your cars a Manual gearbox box which means the gearboxes dont have oil pumps..i can double check if you can supply the Registration number..But the only mechanical oil pump your car has is the one on the engine itself that moves the oil around your engine..if that was faulty you'd have an oil warning light up on the dash and the engine rattling mechanically....
Im just trying to guage the exact fault you describe during the AA recovery..and by the sound of it - maybe the clutch release side/hydraulic master/slave cylinder has failed if you had to select gear then start to get it move..and no doubt the clutch was fine..thats only my view.....a few things id say would need to be checked here apart from the clutch replacement issue - in that does the gearbox have enough oil in it as that would need to be topped up after gearbox removal to the pressure plate - is the gear linkages in place and not showing excesive movement to cause gear slection issues - is the clutch release side actually clearing the clutch properly when the engines running/rebleed of the system maybe required after a full inspection of both master and clutch slave cylinders for leakage/condition has been ruled out.....I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then just continue before you rate

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