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2003 reg Toyota rav 4 petrol 2.0lt engine management light

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hi 2003 reg Toyota rav 4 petrol 2.0lt
engine management light on but car is driving normal
have had light switched off by Toyota dealer who says engine is a1 do not let anyone tell you otherwise however light has reappeared.
should I be worried and how can I sort this out.
thanks steve
Hello Steve did the dealer provide a fault code when they scanned it? as it should have spat out a 'P' code?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no ,no code sorry

they said it was a dirty or faulty sensorUndecided

OKas the car is driving normally its likely that the fault is pretty minor however by far the best and quickest route to repair is have a diagnostic device plugged in to read off the code and so point to the fault
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

they said there was no fault other than the sensor its self does that sound right??.

concerned as I want to sell the car soon and need this sorted.

it really does not effect the drive at all, other than having a shiney orange light in the corner of your eye.

but would iam sure put off buyersFrown

Hello you're right to be concerned as a fault light will put buyers offthe dealer is fobbing you offas all the sensors on the engine are used for some function or another - some more important than othersI'd suggest locating an independent Toyota specialist to get them to read the fault and rectify itif you tell me your location I'll try and reccommend someone
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

That would be gr8

I live in plymouth devon


Ps can you give me a rough idea of cost iasi dont want to be ripped off

Hello try this firm a diagnostic test should be an hours albour at most so £50-70 for an independent
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok matt will do

Thanks for your help and advice

Fingers crossed its an easy fixSurprised

good luckBear in mind that the site takes a deposit from you at the beginning and this is held by the site until you rate my answer at which point the cash is split between the site and the expert. so if my answers have been helpful please rate my answer.
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