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Hallo, I have just recently bought a 2006 Freekanbder with

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I have just recently bought a 2006 Freekanbder with 110000 miles on it. The red battery light has come on intermittently when I drive. starts perfectly and no other problems. does this mean the altenator is going?
thank you for answering me

Depends on what the testing shows up..normally id say the best things to first would be to check your battery connections are tight and clean - down at the alternator itself and ensure the wirings to the rear of it is fine and not loose etc check for any wiring damage or corrosion at the terminals/also body earths too - also check the alternator belt condition carefully and ensure its not loose or showing signs of wear or fluid contamination ie:- Oil causing it to slip check this with the engine OFF - Next testing wise would have to involve seeing what the alternator is putting out from the output terminal at the back of it..normally it should show at idle 14.5v - anything below that or below 12/11v then the regulator on the alternator is likely failing.also check voltage at the/across battery too...thats about the best way forward aswell as far as checks testing goes..any good garage should be to carry that for you if you dont have the test equipment/multimeter....I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you very much I will drive to a garage and have them check it out for me. Have a good day.

Hi... No problem glad to help... and many thanks for rating..

If you require to ask anything further or need advice then just ask and i'll be happy to help...