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I took my car to a small owned garage to have a new clutch

Customer Question

I took my car to a small owned garage to have a new clutch and flywheel. Even though I had this done just shy of 4 years prob and now only doing 20k. Firstly this does not seem normal?
I also asked them to do a service. I had only had it serviced 2 months b4 but because I'm a childminder I like to have it checked reg.
Upon the check they replaced a new water pump. They had my car a week.
Within 24 hours of returning to me the water level light came on and the engine ceased.
I have now had the car returned to the garage very concerned as to why my car has been returned in a worse condition.
The garage have informed me the accelerator belt had frayed and snapped causing the cam belt to snap.
This is not sitting well with me and as a woman feel their trying to cover up their mistake.
Firstly are clutches not checked in not or services?
Secondly when changing a water pump do you have to disturb the camb belt and should you not put a new accelerator belt on at the same time. Either way they would of seen freying when replacing water pump?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

What was the initial reason for clutch/flywheel replacement? and was it a full kit they fitted and what make do you know?

What was the reason for the water pump replacement during a service?

Before the engine gave up....did you notice any overheating warnings or anything unusual sounding from the engine?

You mention the car being returned to the garage..did the AA or RAC do this and did they inspect it or find anything before the garage concerned inspected it?

Whats your registration number?