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2012 Astra Exclusiv 1.7 CDTi ecoflex Had a full service,

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2012 Astra Exclusiv 1.7 CDTi ecoflex
Had a full service, 4 thousand miles later the oil had risen 4 inches on the dip stick.
Changed oil and now 500 miles later the oil level has risen again about 2 inches.
Oil looks fine no sign of water and water level is fine.
Assume it is diesel.
Checked for advice on line and a suggestion it maybe the DPF and that a good run as reves above 2000rpm would make it regenerate. Still the same!
Before I take it back to a dealer any advise


Your no doubt correct in regards ***** ***** oil level is actually Diesel - if the oil smells strongly of diesel then its either a combination of either continued fail regeneration/constant DPF regeneration cycles in regards ***** ***** DPF "if fitted" - Or your issue is on the injection system is at fault either HP or one of the injectors is dumping/too much fuel and thus causes bore wash..which means excess fuel passes the rings and ends up in the oil sump..normally with failing injectors you would get a alot of smoke out the back/missfire/pinking issues...Another could be loose or leaking HP supply tube to the injectors as these pass through the rocker cover..might be worth checking that..
When DPF regeneration occurs normally the fuel is increased a fraction to help aid bringing the DPF temperature up to burn off the soot captured..but this is of course dependant on the vehicles use and the DPF iself and the levels calculated saturation that of course needs to be checked using diagnostic equipment to see those values and wether the DPF itself is the problem causing those failed regens or through vehicle use in that the basically the vehicle isnt used long enough for it to complete the regen cycle..and thus the DPF soot content will continue to rise until the point at which even a forced regeneration wont help..resulting in replacement of the DPF filter..but before any forced regen is done the oil/oil filter has to be replaced as having the level that high as you mention isnt good for the engine you can potentially cause increased crank pressure/blow a seal or drown the breather system.....I do hope this helps

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Unfortunately you have not told me anything I did not know already. I know how the DPF works and the things you listed are all obvious to me. I was looking for more specific advise from someone who has experience of this vehicle who would say with some certainty exactly what it was.

All the above i have mentioned are the most common faults for the issue you describe, they all have to be checked in turn.all you told us is the cars had oil changes..and nothing else how how am i to know whats been checked and what hasnt? we can only go by what you tell us...ive worked on these cars you telling me i dont know what im talking about is complete insult..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Wow I never said you do not know what you are talking about.

I apologise if you think I have suggested it, as I most certainly was not.

As I said you just gave a list of what it could be. A list I could have made myself.

I have said the oil level has risen by 2 inches in the last 500 miles.

What I was hoping for was a specific answer. e.g. in my experience working on these cars it is usually XXXXXXX

e.g. with the amount of fuel in the oil it is unlikely to be XXXXXX I expect it is XXXXXX

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I did send a reply but had no answer. Please respond

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
Robert gave me list of what could be wrong.
I could have made the list myself.
What I was looking for was an answer from someone experienced on my vehicle,
I expected an answer a lot more specific.
Firstly its not a list - its generalised overview of the specific faults associated with the type of issue your describing..we or i am not aware of everyones else knowledge - all that you have mentioned to us is that the vehicle has had oil changes?..But then as you know that any DPF fitted diesel does require more frequent oil changes and thus thats why these/dpf fitted engines are fitted with Oil quality/viscosity sensor which monitors the dilution/quailty when its time to renew the oil....but as ive said previously you havent mentioned whether the soot/soot levels have been checked when it was in or as i asume on its second oil change? and when last regeneration was logged..mostly that can be accessed via diagnostic methods normally using tech 2 to see that data..if the these levels in the dpf seem ok and no failed regens are logged then you can look at the injection system / injectors issue being the likly fault....if i was me the DPF side/operation of the system would be the first area id say needs to be checked out..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. That was helpful problem