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The exhaust flex-pipe on our BMW 120i has a split, so the exhaust

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The exhaust flex-pipe on our BMW 120i has a split, so the exhaust is blowing.
The exhaust from manifold to tail-pipe is welded as one piece. We don't want to replace the exhaust system - we just want to pass the MOT emissions test and sell the car.
A garage that we trust has said they're only 50% confident that they can replace the flex-pipe because there is no direct replacement, and there's a sensor very close which will make clamping/welding another replacement part difficult.
They also said wrapping the flex-pipe in exhaust repair tape won't work - it'll just snap straight away because it won't flex.
Is there any temporary fix that we can do to seal it up for a couple of weeks?


In all honest? No. the problem being with those flexi's is that there is very little you can do to repair them,there pretty much non repairable once its gone beyond a certain point - once the braided material has corroded then its pretty much non repairable - depending on the extent yours has gone..eventually the exhaust will just come away as the flexi,braided material has weakened.... the only options are basically what you have been told by the garage in regards ***** ***** out the old flexi section and weld in another - as long as its the same diameter and there is enough pipe at either end to weld too and making sure that boths ends are clear of rust.corrosion before welding then it should be fine to do that..sometimes it might be best to lower/middle section that the flexi's on from the car..and earth clamp as near to weld area as possible once the new flexis welded in then just bolt up the section back on to the manifold/cataylist...thats about that only way apart from replacing the entire section..those are about the two options open really when it comes to happens to alot of cars... But exhaust tape or exhaust paste wont work..some of these dont even work very well will eventually fall off or tear as said and that wont be good during an MOT as it will fail..any small leak will usually.. thats why welding in another flexi section or replacement of that entire exhaust section is about the only way forward im afraid..I do hope this helps

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