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I have SsangYong Rodius my drive belt was worn so I booked

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I have SsangYong Rodius my drive belt was worn so I booked it in to my normal guy he changed the belt and it fell off took it to another mechanic said I needed a tensioner he fitted and another new belt and idle pulley cost of £550 think I paid to much all fitted a few days on now the car has started to make a screeching sound like the belts slipping or ill fitted it get faster and louder the more pressure I put the car under ive taken it back told me its the "whiskers pulley" feel like ive been take for after a professionals advice


What engine size do you have exactly?

"whiskers pulley"? never heard of that on any car..did they point out which pulley it was to you?? or are they refering to the fan clutch if its viscous type..

Does the noise stop when water is sprayed on the belt ribs?

How tight does the belt feel any damage or rubbing that you can see on the belt edges?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Its 2.7 diesel believe its a Mercedes engine he pointed around the pulley that connects to the fan and fan clutch come to think of it. the belt is tight but fraying on the edge now . The noise does stop with water

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

Ok yes the D27DT engine - you have i recall about 7 pulleys on that engine and run off the main crank pulley via the single long ribbed belt - inc the Alternator / water pump / viscos fan clutch "own pulley" / power steering / Air con / Idle and tensioner pulley which are the smaller ones - normally with the issue you have - its means that the belt is either too loose which it isnt your case - or the belt running off centre.trying to jump off as you experianced before - which i suspect is whats happening to yours when you mention it is fraying at the edge.this means that something is coming into to contact with the belt..something you may want to trace yourself if you can..basically just follow the belt by hand on the frayed side and see if you can feel or spot anything against the belt - OR one of those pulleys the belts running on is either loose or showing signs of play movement in the pulley or one is partially seized causing the belt to screech/run unaligned or off centre and may of been your original issue at the very really a case of checking those pulleys to see if any are running off centre...i normally use a laser tool to check for parallel and angular misalignment..but you may be able to it with a straight edge whilst turning the pulley by hand or monitor the running of the pulleys whilst the engines running/idle to se if you can spot any wobble in the pulleys....But as above certain sounds like a misalignment/off centre pulley or somethings coming into contact with the belt..I do hope this helps

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