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VW Urban Fox 2011. Taken service. oil changed. Since

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VW Urban Fox 2011. Taken for a service. oil changed. Since which the oil light flickers on briefly, then goes off. Happens especially at low revs. Local garage has fitted new oil pressure monitor and new switch. Problem persists.

I asume this wasnt an issue prior to service?

What the level at when car on level surface and engines cold?

What oil grade/type did they put in and what filter brand did they install?

Did they perform a oil presure test before replacing those sensors?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no problem before service.oil level is full. I don't know what oil was put in. I don't know if any test was done before the oil pressure monitor was put in


Ok.. If this wasnt a problem before hand - the only things that come to mind is either a issue in regards ***** ***** used grade for example..normally 5W40 or the oil filter is cheap/aftermarket...seen this many times with aftermarket oil filters can cause trouble like that not only on your car but other cars a genuine one in and the problems resolved..its certainly something to look into or your garage and see if that improves the issue.on your will be a cartridge insert....Apart from that id say the next logical step would be to see what the oil pressure reading to see if the oil pumps performing - they need to remove the pressure switch and then install the guage to see what its reading and then match that to manufacturer's specification they should have that if they have a techanical data system to see what the spec are for that engine...if they dont have a guage they maybe able to monitor it via diagnostics live data....have they checked the wiring to those sensors just incase...apart from that id say the best steps here is to check up on that oil filter / oil grade used as starting point anyway..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything further then please do before you rate
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