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I have just picked up a used mini cooper sd convertible and driving back the low tyre

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I have just picked up a used mini cooper sd convertible and driving back the low tyre pressure warning came on. Ive never had run flat tyres before. Does this mean there is a flat? Also, I wont be able to get to a garage til tomorrow so how far can I drive with them like that?
Also tried to put roof down and it goes as far as the sunroof section then stops and says luggage compartment empty... what does this mean?
Hello and Welcome..
My name is ***** ***** happy to help / advise..
No it doesn't neccesrily mean there is a flat or a puncture.. of course it could be... you need to visually look at the tyre - but so long as the tyre is not dead flat then yes you can drive it.
Sometimes when a car has been stood a while - after driving off , the tyre pressures can adjust and if it goes below circa 3-5 psi of the recommended setting, pressure, it will trigger the light. Adding pressure to the tyres will often just reset it..
If the tyre has gone completely flat, it will need re blowing up or changing before you drive.
Re the roof issue you have, the usual issue is the back shelf/ panel - it has to be fully down - there are ywo latches that latch when its on the right position - if its not, you will get what you have so check on that.
IF thats not it, the garage will have to check that for you - it can be any one of several other issues - they may need to plug diagnostic equipment in -
There is a reasonably good video on you tube re roof operation - for that, copy and paste this link into your browser, that may help you through it :
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
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Best Rgds, MIKE
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, My partner has just taken it to garage and three of the tyres were reading 40psi and he couldn't get a reading off one to start with. He has deflated to the pressure on the three tyres to 27psi which is what is on the label on the door panel. He eventually got a reading off the one and that was low so he inflated it to 27. Is that the correct pressure fir these tyres? The warning is still on but I haven't initialised it yet but will do that if 27 is the correct pressure? Thank you oh I managed to get the roof sorted ok. I did find a manual in the bot so that has helped somewhat

Hello again - Thank you for your reply and further info.
The correct tyre pressure is going to depend on which size tyres you have fitted - there were several options re size on these - so I will give you a chart - specific to the MINI you have.... select the tyre size - go across and you will see your tyre pressure you need.27 is not right by the way its way to low... but you will see the right one there in the chart.. I have put it on here as an attachment for you - If we are done, please I do need you to click on the OK / Exc ratings for me at this point - Thank you again... and you are welcome back anytime at all ..Kind Rgds, MIKE.
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